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Nov 17, 2012

Yoga, Giving, and Dreadlocks...

I created this poster with the Calm-o-matic

I LOVE yoga. LOVE. But when most people think of yoga, they think of pretty ladies, super bendy in spandexy stuff, with no sweat, all serene like...

What's really happening, to me at least, is work. I'm practicing to make my body stronger, my mind smoother, and my soul more open. Yoga isn't just asanas and chanting, it's getting into you, being quiet and centered. And listening. To you. Deep down inside where you forget there is a voice. I am constantly practicing and trying to hear my rhythm to sync up with the universe...that's my goal. Meditation is more yoga than poses. It's posing your mind and stilling your heart. I do love a physical challenge. And i feel exhilarated when I conquer a pose that I thought was impossible for someone like me. But the true yogic feeling comes after my practice. When I sit and be still, and just BE. That connection I make with myself is like no other...and I find true bliss.

There's another way that I find bliss. Giving. I did this last year, and I feel like it's time to start again! Starting December 1, I will begin to go through my belongings, and give all of the things away that are no longer useful or productive in my life. It makes me feel wonderful knowing that the things that I once loved will now be loved by another. I also want to use this time to give of myself in service. I like to help out at women's shelters and donate my time to animal shelters as well. Giving of your items, time and love are all equally important, and i feel like this season need more love and more self sacrifice, than more buying and stress. If you'd like to join me in 31 Days of Giving, leave a comment below and I'll add a link to your blog...we'll follow each other in service and love!

Two years ago at this time, this is what I looked like...and so many different people commented on my appearance, spitting the word 'hippie' like an insult constantly, that I cut my hair off...and now, of course, I regret it. I think what I am going to do is wait until my hair has a bit more length(it's only about 4 inches right now) maybe chin length, I'm going to re-dread it, and add extensions to the ends for length.
I did this before and you can see a tiny tutorial here. Never again will I let others dictate my appearance! I'm a lot stronger and way more sure of myself now, thank goodness! When I start to redread, i'll post plenty of tutorials and lessons here on the blog.

My weekend coffee fueled babble-thon should probably come to a close...I hope y'all know how much I appreciate being listened too, and i love community! Please feel free to email me with any comments or questions... happysappytrees@gmail.com



rachel awes said...

i LOVE your dreads!!!
so super cool looking...
+ now is the waiting for your hair to grow out in just the right time..your strands will know "when"..
+ yes to yoga + yes to YOU.

Ana Boswell said...

Thank you! I hope you are doing well and I'm so freakin excited for you and your book!!Growth Everywhere!!

Lisa said...

I have always wanted to do dreadlocks to my hair for just a while. I wish I could do them one day and take them out the next. I love dreads wrapped in a scarf! beautiful done right!

yoga studio singapore said...

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