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Nov 18, 2012

Pretty on the Cheap-

 I love making concoctions out of 'everyday' items. So I've been making my own beauty supplies for a while, especially my spa night goodies! Most of the specialty ingredients I get I order online from Down To Earth, it's an amazing little shop located in Wilmington NC- They have everything you could think of, they're inexpensive, and you can order wholesale if you'd like! So the first recipe I'm going to tell y'all about,  is awesome, easy and totally works...

-Banish The Cigarette Kinks-
(You know those little crinkly lines you get around your mouth from smoking or drinking out of a a straw? They make you look a lot older than you really are, this will help while you quit your shitty habits...)

1/4 very ripe papaya
To Make:
Mash the papaya into a mush.
To Use:
Apply the mush to your lips and the surrounding area. Leave it on for at least 10 minutes then rinse with cool water. Follow up with an exfoliation and mid weight moisturizer( I use pure Argan oil- Josie Maran, it's awesome!)

I know first hand about these stinking old wrinkles- I started smoking when I was 13 years old, and didn't start trying to quit until this year...I think I'm completely finished with them now, but you never know after two glasses of wine whats going to happen. I know they are disgusting and gross, a habit-a bad one- but a habit none the less. So lets quit being gross together! I want to live to be 120!! And it's really hard to do a lot of yoga or deep breaths if I smoke...I really do feel great on the inside, and i'm starting to look better on the outside!

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