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Nov 16, 2012

I am Triumphant!

Today I dropped my keys into my car engine...and then dug around on all fours looking in the grass and on the ground under the car, no luck. Dug through the engine, took the battery out, did everything I could think of...but never not once, did I get angry...I just kept trying different things and knew something was gonna work. I lied on my back and banged under the car to try to 'hear' the keys jingle...I finally heard a muffled jingle. Guess where they were?!? 
So...i got the screwdriver and took half the bolts off the body of the car, then I pulled the plastic of the front bumper back and shimmeyed the keys out- 

I never had the idea "I can't do this" or, "I'll never get this figured out", I just tried everything I could think of until something worked! Something always works. Always. 
Never give up.
Never think you can't do something.
And never, never, forget that the Universe has a twisted sense of humor...and that it's always telling you something...
You just have to listen.

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