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TheMadhatters is a collaboration I have with the awesome artist Rachel Smith
We offer private painting lessons, painting classes, and workshops.
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Are you a closet creative? Do you have secret dreams of creativity and a drive to be safe in your own soul? Do you have an urge to be true, to paint, take photographs, write or make meaningful objects? Or do you make art all the time and just want to play with others? We know how you feel.

SO COME MAKE ART! Enjoy 3 hours of open-ended journaling and art-making with Anastasia Boswell and Rachel Cotton! There will be materials, projects and prompts but what you make is completely up to you!

We provide:

An opportunity to make something. Choose between: a mixed media booklet, intuitive soul painting, prayer flags, or goddess mail art.
A raffle for products.
A chance to meet local artists/teachers.
Local creative resources.
A chance to browse and purchase creative merchandise.
Join us at Gaston School of the Arts for an evening of creative making and leave with everything you need to know. Price is $25...

We are gathering the light and trying to rally support for creative engagement and get you into your innate truth.

We believe that the creative community has the power to create change in the world. The Sacred Womans Creative Group is the beginning of the ways that Cotton Studio's and Happytrees Studio's are collaborating and getting the message out to make creative engagement an experience.

Please pre-register at Sacred Souls

I am currently offering private lessons in Gentle yoga. Feel Free to contact me via email at


Anonymous said...

Hey, did you get the pictures I left for you?

Anastasia Boswell said...

yes I did, what a blast from the past! Who left them for me?