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Jan 15, 2014

Wolf Moon

Whew! The holidays flew by in a rush. Almost so fast it was hard to enjoy them! I have been making and planning and procrastinating quite a bit lately, but I think I figured out what's going to happen. I'm going to be HAPPY! I know without a doubt what I want out of life, and I almost have a plan figured out how to financially support my dream and keep my family loved and fulfilled.
 Since forever, I've known that I love to help others. Listening, offering guidance, being there for them. My hands sometimes feel as if they are on fire with energy and I just have to touch. I have repaired my own soul through help from others and a lot of hard work on my part. And I know that's what I want to do. I want to help others find themselves. I want to help them heal and mend the broken pieces. I want to offer guidance in growth, both spiritually and physically. Through art, meditation, writing, yoga, and a lot of personal soul searching I feel as if I can help others heal. I'm combining all that i do into a package/service to offer. I've only been offering things locally, but with Skype and via phone, I will now offer to help others anywhere. In the next few weeks I'll be able to cement all of the boring stuff so that I can get down to business.

 I've also been reading cards for others at home. You can go to my facebook page and get a card pulled by commenting on the daily post. Stop by!

Tonight is the first full moon of 2014 and I'll be making smudge sticks for my Etsy shop and sitting with the spirits. There are so many things that you can do during a Full Moon to help your energy. At the full moon the energy builds and builds....there's an explosive outgoing aspect to it. All of nature grows and is more vital at the full Moon. This surge allows you to take action on behalf of any new Moon intentions you set, as well as set new intentions and beginnings. 

  • You could use this evenings moon to release any old internal baggage you've been letting weigh you down. Write everything you want to rid yourself of; be it bad habits, or bad relationships, anything that does not lift you up. Find a container ( I use a cast iron pot) and using a candles flame burn all of those slips of paper and watch the smoke disappear, taking with it your anxiety and frustrations that surround the subject.
  • Sit in a quiet place and allow yourself to become centered. If you are able, try to get somewhere where the light of the moon can be seen. Imagine that light as a healing light and let it bathe you with it's beauty and power. Strengthening your soul as well as your will. As it washes over you allow your mind to quiet down and accept the purity and cleanliness of it. Feel your soul becoming rooted in love and trust; of yourself, your power, your love. Believe in yourself and allow your body to be healed in the strength of the moon.
  • Set an intention, something that you want to accomplish or create in your life. Write it down, or paint it...create something that you can come to and be reminded of what you wanted. Intentions set under a full moon create a powerful wave through the universe, letting all who will listen know that you are ready to accept change. 

I hope this finds you well and helps you through all that you are experiencing. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you ever have questions or comments. You can reach me through facebook, twitter, pinterest, etsy, or through my email-happysappytrees@gmail.com. Namaskar!

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