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Dec 12, 2013

Sharing The Bounty::A Giveaway for You and Your Friend.

I can just hear you now...
"What, you mean Anastasia actually finished something and is having a giveaway?!?" Well, no...but there is a group of beautiful souls that are having a HUGE giveaway-one for you, and one for a friend over on Makenna Johnston's Blog.

So what's in the giveaway?

2 Coaching packages with Makenna Johnston ::  3 half-hour sessions a piece.  One for you, and one for a loved one. 
2 Tea Packages from Danmala Teas ::  Each package includes a handstamped cotton drawstring bags, filled with 3 tea tin samples, 3 tea filters, one honeystick, Gratitude Ritual, Tea Gem and a Tea Light candle. xo
2 Goodies from Faeriecology ::  One $33 gift certificate, good for anything in her shop.  And one Moth Wing Necklace. 
2 Crystal Packages from Moondaughter ::  One Moonstoned and One Custom Crystal Pouch
2 Eyeshadows in shade "Clean" from Cosmic Bath and Beauty  ::  All natural, a pale lavender with shimmer.  Simply gorgeous!  We collaborated on this one, and I wear it near daily. 

Meet the Generous Ladies!! (And visit their virtual homes and shops, you'll love it)
Makenna Johnston at The Bliss Doula
Lindsay Luna at Danmala Teas
Drucilla at Faericology
Marissa at Moondaughter

Everything they write, make or do comes from their souls. They are true artists and I am happy to have found them~. So scoot yer booties on over and check out the giveaway. It's super generous!!

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