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Jan 16, 2014

How to make Your Own Smudge Sticks

I use smudge sticks every time I sit to meditate, read my cards, preform a ritual, have a fight, start a new season, feel like crap, basically, I use a smudge stick for everything. With the discovery of fire, people began to notice that aromatic smoke was produced by burning dried plants. As herbs, roots, resins and barks are transformed from their physical form by fire into smoke (spirit world form)it opened their eyes to change. This transformation is evidence of the spirit within substances. There are many websites on how and why we smudge, the 'proper' way. I prefer to create my own rituals and "circle time" and I like to make my own tools as well. Before I begin anything: project, craft, ritual, making something to be used sacredly, I always ask the Universe for guidance and sit for a moment in silence. When I'm finished, I always thank the Universe for watching over me as I preformed a new task.

I gather everything together before I get started when beginning a project...I hate being interrupted or having to stop and go. It messes with my flow. In Native American Cultures and various other cultures everywhere, certain herbs are used for certain ceremonies. I use what I like and what speaks to me at that time. I use white sage for a total cleanse. I like  the smell of lavender and rose together, and I add those for love and peace. Patchouli is my favorite fragrance of all time and I have a powder that I add into my sage to spice it up a bit(so punny, sorry.) I also use thyme, rosemary, lambs ear, and chamomile. I do only use organic ingredients and materials if I can help it...I'm sure inhaling pesticides and GMO's isn't good for you.

Lie all of your ingredients out and mix and match until you are pleased with your selection. Using a thin hemp or cotton start in the middle and start to wrap the herbs together. I wrap back and forth tucking leaves as I go, until I get to the end and I simply tie a knot. 

I then take craft paper or a recycled paper bag and roll the smudge stick into a paper tube, tying it off with string long enough to be able to hang. I cut a little slit in the top of the tube so that it would hang up and down and not all wonky. This way all of the moisture will come to one end and not get all moldy and such. Let the stick dry for about a week or so and then use it to your hearts content. 

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