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Dec 9, 2013

With Belief, It Should Be All Or Nothing

 I believe in Magick. I believe in spirits, sprites, magical beings, faeries, and other worlds or realms. I'm 38, and I still believe. That's not to say society, from my parents to my peers, hasn't tried to shame or mock this belief from me. Even my own husband who doesn't believe in the faerie world or mermaids, but does believe in angels and ghosts and haunting's, mocks me for my 'fantasy filled' mind.( But still wants his cards read every now and then.)
 I think that my belief of otherworldly things, solid belief, is what helps when I need things done. When I read the tarot, I believe. When I light a candle for someone, I believe. When I meditate or journey, I believe. When my intuition kicks in, I listen. Wholeheartedly. And it works.
 In my opinion, you can't 'dabble' in belief. You can't, say, say a spell, then wake up in the middle of the night from fear and pray to Jesus nothing gets you, then defy the Bible(and it's beliefs)  the very next day with  another 'spell'. You can't say a spell for a friend out of a book, then the next day mock your own practice or make light of it. Your constant belief is what makes it come true. Thought and belief are the two most powerful things out there. If you believe anything, then, in your world, it's the truth. But it must be true. You must stay consistent. 
 I never believed in speaking in tongues, but my great grandmother did...and she could not only tell you if someone were true, but she could interpret exactly what they were saying. She could also pray off a wart or a sickness. And her faith in God was true. My great-uncle could cut your hair, put it in a hole in a tree, and rid you of an aliment. They did this, and succeeded, because their belief was strong and never wavered. They never second guessed themselves or their understandings. 
 Whatever you believe, wherever your faith lies, you must first, believe. And, second, you must study. You must devote your life to your truth. No truth comes easily. If you want a 'power' you have to earn it. If you want an outside force to work for you, you must first understand who and what you are asking. Begin by studying. If you feel it isn't worth your time and energy, do yourself a favor and find another way to achieve your goals. If you want to cast spells, you can't simply pull one up from a random book or website and expect success. You first need to learn about magic. Spells don't work because of the props you use, or your ingredients, or the words you say. They work when you understand the principles of  what you're doing and why you are doing it. They work when you have learned to meditate and have disciplined your mind in order to alter your state of consciousness at will and to raise and focus your energy. 
I'm not saying you have to, in anyway, abandon your faith and religion to practice a new 'faith' or belief. Or give up what you know to be true to travel a new path. I'm just saying that no matter what you want or want to be, you must first have faith in what you say and feel. And know that it is true. Don't doubt yourself or your faith. 
Remember the three wise men of the Christmas story who brought gifts to baby Jesus? They were Magi. 
Historically, Magi weren't known for pulling rabbits out of hats, but they were a part of a long line of  consultants to kings who worshiped various gods, practiced the occult, studied the stars, foretold the future,  interpreted dreams, and probably experimented with spells, potions and elixirs. Then around 600 B.C., the  Old Testament prophet Daniel was put in charge of the Magi of Babylon (Daniel 2:48). That's when there  was a noticeable shift in how the Magi of Babylon worked. They operated more like a priestly order,  became monotheistic (worshiped one God), and even sacrificed animals for their sin. Daniel no doubt turned  them to depend upon God for their powers. So while sorcery is condemned by the Bible, not all the  magicians in the Bible are "bad guys." The difference? The three wise men bowed before Jesus, and Daniel  was clear that he could interpret dreams by God's power, not his. (Found here)
Find your path. And meditate on it. Decide if you are willing to change or alter yourself or habits in order to live your chosen path. And if you are- Keep your faith strong and your heart true. Nothing should sway you. 
I'd love to hear your opinion on this...please, lets be civil, this is a touchy subject; I know, but it's been rattling in my head for a few days and I need to air it out. 

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