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Sep 16, 2013

But She Doesn't Look Sick...

I don't look sick, do I?
I'm not disabled, Thank GOD, and I'm not dying or have such a debilitating disease that I'm not or can't be active. I have hypothyroidism- which SUCKS and causes stupid symptoms like...
Weight Gain
Memory loss
Foggy Memory
Dry Skin
Brittle Nails
Irregular Menstrual Cycles

 A few years back when I was pregnant with my middle son I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroid- it's no good either. But, I didn't feel this way. And I was thin, which is vain but true. And then I went through a period where I was fine, nothing was wrong with me! Little did I know that the hyper was causing my body to produce too much hormone and that eventually it was gonna cause my thyroid to poop out. Sure enough, now it produces too little hormone. For a long time i thought that I was super tired because of lack of sleep, four kids, night job as a bartender, drinking, over taxing myself. And yes, while those things added to my problem, I was unaware of the fact that my little throat butterfly was out of whack. So i'm on medication, and I've quit caffeine, lessened my sugar, and almost given up gluten. As well as doing yoga 6 days a week and drinking a gallon or more of water a day. Guess what- I still have a gut that causes people-even complete strangers, to ask me when I'm due.Not only is it embarrassing to explain to the person, it hurts my feelings. A Lot. I know they are not trying to be mean. And I know that I'm doing everything that I can to get my weight under control...even though I don't look obese, I have a huge gut and extra weight everywhere. Forty extra pounds on a 5'6 small frame really shows up you know? Anyway...

 So here's where I'm going with this. There are a lot of folks out there that have illnesses that you can't see; and they are trying to manage, and struggle with on a daily basis. Some days they feel fine- like today, I'm not tired, I feel good, and I'm able to stay busy. But then there are days that you feel rotten, and you can't leave your house or your bed. Those people are not FAKING IT. Just because you can't see the physicality of an illness does not mean it doesn't exist. Just because you don't see wounds or scars does not mean that person is not in agonizing pain. Be compassionate, to EVERYONE. Give everybody a chance! You have no idea what battle or path these people are trudging through and by dismissing them because of an 'invisible' illness you are doing them a HUGE injustice. And as far as judging that little lady that parks in the handicap zone and then hops out and walks quickly to into the store without a visible limp, or if she/he is in their twenties and they look 'fine'...don't be an asshole. DO NOT judge them. They are luckily having a good day, and I guarantee they would trade a handicap sign and 'great'  parking for wellness any day. So stop being rude, and stop asking questions. Treat everyone EQUALLY AND COMPASSIONATELY. It's not hard to be polite or to just hold your damn tongue, Ya know?

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