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Sep 18, 2013

Counting Bakasana's

 See this perfectly innocent looking guy? Just chilling, not bothering anyone, maybe waiting patiently on a scarecrow to be distracted so he can swoop in a grab some corn...

 The crow has sight, and patience. They peer far off into the distance and patiently await the perfect time to achieve their goal.

 This pose has always been difficult for me. Not because my arms and body aren't strong enough, but because I was not brave enough. I always thought I would bonk myself on the forehead, or just fall flat on my face. But with my increasing belief in myself and a daily practice I have accomplished The Crow Pose-now, my next hurdle was to be brave enough to teach my yogi's in Ananda class. I finally figured out how to do it.

I tricked them. Not in a poopy way...but I just kept moving through poses and never mentioned where I was going with it and got them into crow. And you know what? Not giving them time to doubt themselves worked! They didn't have time to think negative thoughts about themselves, nor did they have time to fear what might happen. I'm sure if at the beginning of class I had said, 'hey, were gonna do some experienced poses' they would have been nervous and doubting themselves and not enjoying the process. But they didn't have time to let fear creep in and the look of happy accomplishment on their faces was amazing.

 And that's the thing, ya know? That whole negative self talk and fear of the what ifs and what may happens, is the only obstacle holding you back in any endeavor you seek. That lesson opened my eyes- I learned how to sneak a teach, and I learned that...really, fear is nothing more than a false thought. Face that fear- go around it, go forward even if you are still afraid. But the minute you start in on yourself with the negative thoughts and speak, you will fail. That whole "can't never could, so try" statement. Yeah- that's truth.

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