HappyTrees Studio

Jun 2, 2013

Layers of Adventure

 I love to create, but sometimes I fall into this place. That place where I worry if I'm marketable, if others will appreciate me and my work, if they will even understand. I've been there for awhile, and then today, I realized that I DON'T create for others! I create for ME!
 When I paint for myself, I make things and use materials in ways I never would have, if I put thought and direction into it. I'm not saying a plan is a bad idea...it's just not the way I work. I create freely and intuitively, then I find the imagery in the art. Then I pull it out with high and low lighting-some of my paintings are ten even fifteen layers deep, but each layer tells a story of the adventure of the piece. The growth of the the releasing of creativity. When I forget that, painting becomes a chore. But today, it was a gift!
 Let yourself free, and take an adventure into and with your art, you will be surprised where you end up if you just LET GO.

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