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Jun 3, 2013

Intuition-a practice worth listening to

 Intuition, that thing that your gut does when you aren't thinking with your soul. The tiny whisper that vibrates through your body that you know you should listen to. It's your soul knowing whats right for you, and your 'logical' self not listening.
 Why? What are you afraid of?
 Me- being wrong.
 I get afraid. I question my spirit and think "does my intuition really know better than I do?" the answer, quite simply, is yes. In my life, I believe my spirit/energy/soul has been around a lot longer than my 37 years. And I know that I have definitely put it through some adventurous growing this time around. But it still knows more than this body of mine ever will.

"How do you 'hear' your intuition? Just listening doesn't seem to do the trick." And it probably won't either. Think about how full your mind is right now...your reading this, maybe judging it, fending off a child, eating a burrito,  listening to the radio/TV- anything...how often do you really take for yourself? Just quiet. No electronics, no noise, no other distractions. Hey, I have 4 kids and a child like husband, I know all to well how hard it is to find a bit of quiet. But for your sanity, connection to your intuition and relationships with others I urge you to TAKE IT! You need quiet time or meditation every day! You don't need a designated space (although it makes it easier to quiet down, quicker) or a gong or candles or anything. All you need is you, 10 minutes, and a quiet private place to just be. Just sit somewhere comfortably, sit don't lie- you'll fall asleep and defeat the purpose!  And begin to breath. Really inhale at a slow steady pace and then exhale at a slow steady pace, try to inhale and exhale at the same slow deep steady pace. Ideas are going to form, and inner conversations are going to sound...when they do don't get frustrated! Just nudge them away for later reflection and come back to your breath. Concentrate on breathing fully. That's it! Just breathe and be, nothing hard is involved. The more quiet time you give your mind, the tighter your soul and mind/body become. You'll stop second guessing yourself. All good things come with meditation.

I meditate everyday, if I miss it for a day i feel...frustrated, angry, easily aggravated. It's soothing to my soul, and I really feel like it fine tunes my 'intuitive channel' and i can hear it more clearly. Since I've really started giving myself meditation time and started listening closely to my intuition, its gotten stronger. My inner voice is strong and positive. and I found that listening has also given me a new sense of strength and confidence I never really had before. Your intuition knows you better than you know yourself. Take some time to listen to it and embrace it. After all- it's the real you!

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