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May 21, 2013

Be Generous

 I woke up and cried today. My heart is so heavy with the loss of all of our children, today and all of the yesterdays. I can't really imagine a loss so big. I have no idea of the pain and sorrow these families and communities are having to endure. But just the idea of losing my family makes me sob- and that's an imaginary loss. The real thing would drive me over the edge. I propose we as an online community send all of our love and goodwill as well as strength to Oklahoma today and in the weeks to come. The rebuilding of this community is going to take some time.  Please find your quiet place today and dedicate your time to these people, our people, our family. For we our ONE FAMILY  We are all made of the same thing-regardless of size, shape, color, country or beliefs...we are ONE. And as soon as our majority realizes that-one thought-one energy-one love can change anything- we will succeed as a planet. Be generous with your love and prayer- no matter how you pray, or how you love. Be generous with it and make sure to offer up some time for those in pain...there's always someone that could use relief from their challenges at any given moment.

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Lisa said...

Love you Ana!