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Jan 30, 2013

I'm So Awesome, You Are Too!

So it's not always pretty, this life you live. MAKE it pretty. Own it, decorate it and live it. Open your own doors and get on your soapbox. Shout from the rooftops about how awesome you are. Make yourself happy- the rest will follow- I PROMISE.

I wear tutu's and tiaras-
So what I'm 37 and not royalty. That's in your reality. In mine, I know that I looked damn cute dressed as a princess ballerina,and it makes chores so much more fun! Stop doing what you think others approve of and do what you approve of! Now I'm not giving you free anarchist reign- we have laws and ethics and morals for a reason. What I am saying is- who made it a rule that you can't wear pink hair at 50? Who says forever 21 is only for those under the age of 21? Why- Why is it frowned upon to have fun and act a little kooky?
I could give a seminar dressed in a monkey suit and I bet my words would reach you just the same. We put to much emphasis on adult hood and being stodgy. I refuse to be of the mindset that I need to wear a pantsuit to be accepted,or taken "seriously",  make your silliness acceptable! Prove that you can be professional, efficient and damn good at what you do- even if you are carrying a Jem lunchbox for a purse. Have fun with your life- It's yours and you may not get to come back...enjoy yourself while you can.

Positivity breeds.....more positivity!
And negativity does the same. So drop the Debbie downer act. Look on the bright side- there's always a bright side if you look for it. And if you're always looking for the downside, waiting on the other shoe to drop, sad sacking it around town, or wallowing in misery...you're going to get more of the same. You are wasting your life, if you are being down and out about everything-always. QUIT IT! Your bumming yourself out, and probably everyone within earshot...booo, NO FUN.

Forgive the asshole-for you, not for them.
Humans do stupid things. Some because they're assholes, some because they're mean, and some are really accidents. Regardless- forgive them, and move on. If I held a grudge against everyone who purposefully or not had hurt me in the past, I'd have to pull a wagon behind me, my grudge would be that big. But you're not the only person that's been wronged, or deceived  or hurt. You are, however, the only one that can make yourself keep going. Release your sadness and anger- and focus on making yourself happy.

I'm easygoing- but I'm no ones doormat.
I forgive and  move on, and I release. But I'm no sucker. I choose my arguments and let things slide. But- when you are blatantly being harmed- FIGHT BACK. Don't allow anyone ever to bully you, hurt you, cheat you- or just generally screw you over. Get away from those situations, and LEARN. REMEMBER. And don't fall for that shit again. You are not a bad person for expecting respect and speaking up for yourself. And you don't have to be violent to get your point across. But, get your point across. Make sure others realize you are a good, honest, open, and loving person- that takes no shit from nobody. That won't make you less of a good person, it'll make you better.

My life's awesome.
Because I say so. Because I make it so. Sure I have poopy days, and my husband and I argue, and my kids get wacky from time to time. But those are small compared to the fact that I'M ALIVE. I get to experience something new everyday and change and grow and learn. How awesome is that?!? Get your ass out there and live, breathe, love. Quit floating through life like a ghost...don't just exist-  create the life you want and make it freakin colorful and bright! LIVE!

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