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Jan 7, 2013

I Surpassed- So Will You

So many of us have been victims in the past, and we harbor so much self loathing and embarrassment  as if we were somehow to blame for the way we were mistreated.

I'm here to tell you, this is


I am a survivor of sexual, mental and physical abuse...actually I'm a warrior of it. I have, through art, writing, and speaking about the bullshit, been able to re-strengthen my soul and repair my wounds and realize-


 This was done to me...I didn't ask for it , i didn't cause it, and I sure as hell didn't like it.

If you are a survivor of abuse- become a WARRIOR. Write about it. Yell about it. Paint it out. Run it out. Talk about it. You can heal, it takes a lot of work, and sometimes a lot of tears, but the healing process won't begin until you start the process. Grasp your truth, hold on to it tight, and share it. Your story will help others learn, grow, and heal. It may even prevent.

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Lisa said...

You are strong and beautiful!