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Jan 14, 2013


Why? Why do we live in a society that thinks it's alright to refer to women- 
The mothers of this earth
- as bitches?
As you all may or may not know, I bartend on the weekend, and I hear this word more than any other word. And it sucks. What's worse is that I hear it from the ladies just as much as the men.

"Where my bitches at"
"Damn, did you see that bitch?"
"so there were these two bitches"
"Bitch Please"
"Look at that bitch"
"hey bitch!" usually said lovingly...which makes me cringe.

Never would I drop a derogatory term towards a type of people or person...there will be no N words, no F words, no words at all. If you'd like to describe someone why not be complimentary?!? Why be negative at all? And if you are going to be an asshole, why not be intelligent? You can't think of a more hateful way to talk about a women or another group of person that you obviously despise, other than bitch?!?

Oh, wait, you don't despise women?
Ladies, you mean, you don't hate each other?
Then what the hell is up with all the name calling?!?

Every single time we use this word, we weaken the walls of our femininity, and allow abuse to seep in a bit more. The cracks start to show, and negativity pours in; breeding jealousy, paranoia, envy...all emotions that are going to rid you of self esteem and self worth.

Try this-

"Where my ladies at?"
"Damn, did you see that beautiful and powerful female?"
"So there were these two women"
"Girl, please"
"Look at that female"
"Hey dear!" "Hey love!" " Hey babe!" Hey beautiful!" or "HEY"

It's up to us to lift one another up. Remember your power, and if you can, remind someone else of theirs.


Taylor Slaughter said...

Good post. I really agree with you, and I use the word constantly. I have always thought that if you use it positively, you can change it's connotation-it is, after all, just a word. That being said, why? Why isn't "hey" good enough by itself?

You make a great point and, though I will probably continue to treat words as letters pushed together, I do understand that those letters have meaning whether I like it or not.

I think it's always a great idea to try and use positive, happy words that don't have a negative connotation under any circumstance though, so I think I could handle making a point not to say anything even close to mean. That's a pretty good objective!


Lisa said...

Well said my beautiful friend!