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Jan 2, 2013

Be Creative Everywhere!

Monkey Joe's- an indoor bouncy haven for bubba's!
My travel studio!
Look what I created while the bubba's were playing!

I try to find pockets of time everyday, not such an easy task with 4 bubba's and a husband who's pretty cute. I'm always distracted and procrastinating. One of my goals for 2013 is to create EVERYDAY. Sounds like a large project, but it's totally manageable!

1. Sketch, doodle, write for 10 minutes a day.
2. Paint a background, walk away, come back and add elements throughout the day. You don't have to finish today, just work on it daily.
3. A little TMI, but I always take a note pad in the bathroom with me, it's really the only place in the house that I can get a bit of privacy.
4. I always have a sketchbook and some colored pens on hand, so if I'm waiting in line, or waiting on the kids, I can be productive!

It's easy to make time to be creative, you just have to do the work. If you create a daily practice, you'll start getting that artistic corner of your brain all juiced up and it will be ready for creation always!

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Lisa said...

I need to remember #2. I find myself getting impatient and screw up a painting. I need to practice just doing a back ground and walking away. And I love the girl doodle painting you did.