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Nov 15, 2012


this is the second in the Chakra series- 

self worth- the seat of life

(I've been working on my Chakras for a while now, and I feel like it's an ongoing process, but that I'm really starting to understand the process and myself a lot more...here is just a bit of what I've learned for you to start your own practice and healing...)

What are Chakras?
 Chakra's (pronounced Cha-kra, like chocolate chip...thanks Sam and Kaoverii!) are mental and emotional energy centers placed along your spine. Asana's (yoga poses) were invented to help heal and release blockages within your chakra system. ANYONE can work on their Chakra's- without going against their religious beliefs.  Learning about your chakra's gives you access to your bodies physical responses so you can minimize the negative effects and maximize the positive ones!
 There are currents of energy that course throughout your body - like a road map they are plentiful, but there are 4 main highways...the first two are-
 The upward current-Mukti or the freedom path runs from the earth and rises through the body toward ever more awareness.
The downward current Bukti or manifestation  starts at the crown of your head and goes down towards the earth growing more and more specific until it manifests on a physical plane.

Peoples issues are almost never physical but always tied to mental or chakra energy. Heal that and heal yourself.

Svadhisthana is your second Chakra also called your Sacral Chakra. It represents how you handle your own emotions and sexuality. Imagine it as an invisible wheel of energy located a few inches below the navel in the center of the pelvis right in front of the sacrum. Blocked Svadhisthana energy can result in feelings of 
having done something wrong and guilt can ensue. It is difficult to taste life’s sweetness and nothing seems good enough. There also may follow a feeling of helplessness, as if you have no choice and no initiative to change. In some cases denial of pleasure may result along with self-imposed boundaries about food intake or exercise.The Sacral Chakra is associated with passion and creativity – and the soul desire to feel.

So, I recommend journaling everyday, and also meditate and do asana's. While working on your Sacral Chakra ask yourself a few questions while sitting grounded comfortably and concentrating on the chakra such as...

Am I well in my body- where are my insecurities and how can I fix them?
What can I let go of that was traumatic to me?
What can I forgive or grow away from?

As you journal, really listen to your truth. Envision your self; safe and sound, and open your self to the energy around you. This may bring up issues you never realized you had, with yourself, environment or your spirit. That's okay! Getting to know the real you is scary. Admitting your different than what you thought you knew is weird to most people. But, the better you understand yourself, you give yourself the gift of growth and truth and change. Open up and experience all that life is offering, it's an amazing trip!

Following journaling try to meditate – focus on the region of the chakra, envision the color orange and repeat a mantra (I am well in body, mind and spirit or something that resonates within you)

If you feel as if this is a journey you can't handle on your own, you're welcome to email me ( happysappytrees@gmail.com) with questions and comments. I would be happy to help in any way I can. I'm no expert, but,  I have been working on myself since I realized I was alive. It's a never-ending journey and I'm constantly being taught by others around me as well as my subconscious. You can never have enough knowledge or growth! I'd love to hear about your journey!

 I will be offering an on-line workshop based on healing, art,  chakras and intuition starting in January. I hope that you will join me for that as well!

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