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Oct 9, 2012

Starting a Creative Revolution

I'm a self taught artist and creativity coach. Everything I've learned (mostly the hard way) I want to share with you. I've always been creative, but I never really knew my path until recently.
 I choose to be a part of a CREATIVE REVOLUTION...
I want to teach everyone that creativity and positivity go hand in hand and should be available for ALL. There is no reason for anyone to live in black and white and shades of grey...nor should they doubt their potential to shine brighter than any star. I love me and I want you to love yourself!!! Through art, journaling, yoga, creativity, meditation and love we will conquer self-doubt, despair  sticky stuckness and low energy in all areas of your life. Confidence is beautiful and bright! And so are YOU!

I just signed on to Ustream and i'm going to start having monthly gatherings online and LIVE as well as live demonstrations of yoga, art and journaling...and maybe some chitty chat too. I've really been thinking about how I want to lead my life and help others find their path...I know I talk about that a lot lately, but without the on-line proof...I'm trying to start small in my community and build into a larger community...and today is the day of on-line community building.

Help me Start a Revolution...
Let's start an online community of strong creatives who gather together and help each other through ALL times- life and art. I've been playing with intuitive creation for a while now and I want YOU to create along- with me...let's manifest magic by setting our intentions~in paint, journaling, and guided meditation and chat...
Grab the button in the sidelines and display it proudly on your blog, let's join together to create a new wonder of truth and safety. Join me here on the blog, or at my New Ustream Channel, OR at the newly created HappyTrees Studio Ning Site!!!! There I will be offering tutorials on everything from yoga to painting, classes and discussions, and plenty of forums and chats. I hope to interview other artists and creatives as well!!! I hope to see you soon!!!

xxsmoochxx ana

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