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Oct 12, 2012

Process Not Product

If you asked a student of the fine arts to define my works I bet they would call it juvenile, immature, or just plain ugly. But the thing I have so much trouble trying to convey, is that I don't create art to hang and admire. I'm not in a competition to win awards or ribbons, and I'm not wanting to take part in the fine arts groups who snub other creatives. I paint and make to improve me. I work through mental issues or times on paper and canvas. I disassemble my dreams and thoughts through paint and ink. 


If more folks painted because it feels good, instead of trying to make money or be admired at how 'talented' they are, I think the stress levels of the world would decrease exponentially. I'm happiest when i have paint on my hands or words flowing through me onto paper. You can't fake the kind of freedom and joy I feel when I create. And you cant buy that feeling either.

Making art IS the art.

 The final piece is just a material thing to collect dust and be seen. When you teach someone how to create, you don't use a finished painting or object and say "copy this". You talk about the processes you used when creating the piece, how you approached it, and what you did. Anyone can create. Teaching the ins and outs of art is an amazing craft and with practice you could create an image so fine it can look like a photograph.But is that FUN? Are you enjoying recreating a replica of an object already in existence? Wouldn't it feel better to start a painting or poem or song or drawing, and being a lighter and better person when you finished that piece? What if you could solve a personal dilemma just by painting? 


Don't let the fact that you "can't" draw keep you from scribbling or doodling or drawing. Make something! There is no difference between you and Van Gogh or Warhol or Kahlo. They were humans, who had a vision, and the confidence to follow through with it. They believed in their creativity and art regardless of what others thought. And you should too! Believe in yourself, trust the process, all will be 



Stephanie said...

Love this post and love the passion and fire that is infused in your ART...it is always amazing to see what comes out when we create even when we think we have an idea or plan versus intuitive creating.

Lisa said...

Great post! Ive always thought art was an expression not a competition. I also beleive there is not such thing as an Ugly painting. There are no rules.