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Oct 26, 2011

Can You Learn To Trust The Dark?

  A new moon is seen as a reawakening and new start as the energy the moon brings works with the energy of the Sun to solve things and harmonize. A new moon signifies the start of a new cycle.

Today marks the new moon, and this is perfect timing for me, as I am on the cusp of all of my new beginnings. Tonight, I plan to light a candle and give myself over to the unknown. Blind faith. I'm going to leap with both feet, eyes wide open and become ME.

I AM an artist.

Now I will begin to act on my dreams. They are no longer dreams, they are REALITY. 

 My goal of empowering women has already begun, and I will now turn that into a workshop for all to attend. I also believe strongly in Intuitive painting, and feel that I can teach people to believe in themselves, and listen to that inner child that knows she is an artist. I am going to help release that child, that joy, that confidence in self...To love the process of painting, creating and not care about the outcome. There is beauty in color and chaos- you just have to appreciate it.

So, tonight, I ask of you all, think of your intentions, light a candle, dance in the dark. Enjoy yourself and 


Think of what you want for yourself and decide to make it happen NOW. There's no better time than RIGHT NOW!

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