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Oct 24, 2011

Today I smudged myself, my house and my husband. He has been surrounded by a huge cloud of cynicism and self-doubt lately, and it's driving me bananas. He used to be the most upbeat guy ever. I almost feel guilty for finding my path and healing my Wild Woman. But I do put great intention and prayer into his being as well, hoping that it will lighten his load a little. 

I've always wondered though, when I try to put good will into the universe, if they are not ready for it, does it attach itself to them and eat away at the negativity anyway?I hope so, I love my friends and family, but I love me more. And I cannot let anyone bring me down, I've fought too hard to find my path, and I'm too happy to sacrifice it for pessimistic attitude. 

 I want to teach others to find their Joy, their Bliss. I want to teach others to BECOME themselves. I can't express fully how happy I've become by clearing my soul of negativity and actually putting in the work to be the best me. And I work on me every single day. I start out with my stream of conscious writing,  and then I Art Journal. I also try to meditate and practice yoga daily. If I have time, I paint or sew a new creation. 
 You have to try to make time for yourself everyday, and I do this in little spurts. I grab 15 minutes here or 20 minutes there for myself, it doesn't sound like much, but it adds up! And when every one goes to bed, I really get to work! 

Tomorrow- when you wake up, take ten minutes to write, just empty your mind onto paper for ten full minutes. Julia Cameron calls this Morning Pages, I call it, emptying the trash. It keeps garbage from rattling around in my head all day. Then at some point in the day stretch for a few minutes, you don't have to do yoga, just stretch. Your body will love it. Then, find some time to be STILL. Don't move for a few minutes. Let your mind wander, but not on business or home, on you. Listen to you, where are you sore? Where are you tired? Where are you sad? Breathe into that part of you. Inhale deeply and visualize your clean gust of air going into your achy ow-ey spot and forcing the "bad" out. (I do this with my son when he gets angry!) Push the bad out completely, even if it takes a few breaths. When you are finished cleaning out your insides,your outsides should feel a little lighter, and more content. If you continue to do this daily for a week, you'll really see a difference in yourself-I Promise!!


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Tams said...

I love you. :-)