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Oct 27, 2011

Become Your Own Muse

Are you ready?
It's a new day. Let's get started!

Who do you want to be?
Become your own muse.
What did you decide?
 What can you do to make it happen?
 (You know, you get to the same destination, with ten tiny steps or two big steps...)

  I want to create an e-course, so I could jump feet first and do it all this weekend(which would overwhelm the heck outta me) or I could make a baby step. I choose a baby step. So today, I'm going to start on my brainstorming, by putting all of the ideas on paper that have been rollin around in my skull for weeks. Inactive and unused, I think I thought if I wrote it down, it'd be real, and then I'd have to follow through with it. Ha! I was right. The time for self-sabotage is OVER! By just making that first step, I'm telling myself "get off yer booty and make it happen!" That first step is the proof my insecure me needs to realize I'm serious about my life.

What baby step can you take today? What effort can you put into your life to get started?

This is the scariest part. That first move, after you take it, the rest is a breeze! And if you get stuck? ASK FOR HELP! 

Yep, it's that easy.

I've been slowly gathering beautifully creative souls around me so when the time came I could use them as a sort of padding, a buffer, from my fears of failing and my insecurities.( I'm a part of the Goddess Circle, and I feel like they would help me in any instance.) Start thinking of who you could surround yourself with. What sort of person do you want near you to make you feel secure enough to make that leap?  If you think you don't have anyone, ask me! I'll be there for you, I LOVE to help and if I don't have a solution, I'll find someone that does!

So today, make a move. Get started...draw a picture, collage a chair, put color on a canvas, ANYTHING...but do something. Start today on your new beginning. We'll do it today, together!


Tams said...

amsLoverly, as always.

Sharon said...

Very inspiring & timely for me to happen upon your blog today! Thank you. Sometimes we just need a bit of a reminder, right?! I put my ideas and dreams down on paper all the time... then I start thinking... I need so much $ to get this started ~:( I suppose I should not worry about that... and keep writing and nourishing my hopes and aspirations! And have more faith that the universe will help it happen someday~~~ Peace, Sharon