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Sep 23, 2011

Another year (b)Older

My 36th Birthday is tomorrow and there are so many things I wanted to accomplish before it happened...but they didn't happen...so I am re-writing my birthday achievement/bucket-list and I hope to check each one off before the next year is up.

Before I turn 37 I want to...

Love more
Be Published
Teach a workshop
Receive my Yoga Teacher Training
Lose 35 lbs!
Quit Smoking
Paint a Mural
Offer online classes
Conquer the handstand
Sell 10 Paintings
Meditate EVERY day
Open a co-op
Own a chicken
Inspire someone
Take a figure drawing class
Hug a clown(without sweating or crying)
ween myself from red meat

I'll be adding to and crossing things off my list throughout the next year!


Keepapi Creative said...

Am lovin this list! Esp the cryptic hug a clown without sweating. I feel there is a story there! Happy Birthday. Big love, Jacs

Stephanie said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you! By the way...YOU INSPIRE ME and while I think by PUBLISHED you mean in a book or some other medium, I think your blog and bravery put you right up there at PUBLISHED! :)