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Sep 22, 2011

Preparing for Words

The first of many pre-painted journal pages...for a long time I was trying to do everything all at the same time. I felt like I needed to sketch, draw, paint and write in order to finish a page. Silly! I don't have to follow any rules....there are no rules. Only wants...what do I want to do??? Who cares how others do it? It's so easy for me to forget that the coolest part of being an artist, and a self taught one at that, is that I never have to follow any rules. I never have to go into a box, never have to be structured...

 So the next open path in my journey, is helping others figure out the same thing. There are no wrongs, screw ups, mistakes...it's all meant to be for a reason. You intuitively know what needs to be where, even if your mind and eyes are telling you different. The more we listen to our heARTs and souls, the more in tune we are with everything, and art just flows naturally. Will everyone agree? NO. And not everyone will like it, but you can't second guess yourself based on what you think others will like about you. I officially no longer give a hoot about what anyone thinks of my self expression and creativity. It's MINE! My art(and yours too) will speak to some, and some will dislike it...but you have to love it. Once you love it, the rest shouldn't matter, doesn't matter...Make ART!

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rachel awes said...

these backgrounds are scrumptious...wouldn't anything of beauty want to leap on to these pages + be held here?!