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Apr 19, 2011


Sadhake means the student who strives for a goal.

 This is the most recent painting I'm working on, and this is what I look like when I paint. Neither is too impressive right now, but both will clean up well! I'm doing the Artists Way again and we meet every Wednesday and I realized the reason I never fully commit to this (or Anything else) is because I'd have to know me completely...how terrifying! To know yourself inside and out, no self doubt, full conviction...tha'ts the scariest thing ever! But it's my goal. I've been doing some list making and mind mapping and I have my goals and priorities set and ready to accomplish, broken into month by month lists...it's totally doable, I just have to stay on my own ass to follow through. I let myself down more than anyone else and that's the first thing to change. I WILL follow through on every task I give myself for now own. No more jumping ship and running when things get too difficult. Wish me luck!

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Stephanie said...

Good Luck!! :) Sounds like you have a plan indeed and know what your pitfalls can be. Rememebr to be kind and gentle with yourself too. :)