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Apr 18, 2011

Recent conversation on Facebook with a found again friend

Hey you! Thanks!You have always been braver than me expressionistically (word?). My hands have been buggin' me lately to MAKE, something I'm not too familiar with, I'm mostly cerebral.

But reading and seeing your stuff lately... Pretty Momma, YOU are an inspiration. I am questioning my pre-established personal limitations (I'm not good at this, stick to what I know, that sort of thing).

Keep preachin sister,

Dood- I just got to the point where i wanted to make myself happy and it started with these crazy hallucinations that my new meds were giving me- i had to get them out of my head. Then i started surfing the net and saw all of these people living the life i feel i deserve and i knew i wanted. So I decided instead of waiting on the lottery i was gonna make my own good fortune. And I AM. I don't care who hates me or my stuff, i paint intuitively, for me not even for the end result, but for the process. And for all those folks out there who don't like me or my stuff, there is someone else who does, and who gets me, and who applauds my trials and triumphs. So I say if your having that feeling and you want to make, don't ignore your intuition, start TODAY! It's cliche but, tomorrow may not come! And what have you got to lose? You'll gain a better feeling about yourself and you'll understand you better!

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