HappyTrees Studio

Apr 21, 2011


 I really excited to start this painting! This is the largest I've ever worked and I'm trying to gear up for Connie's BIG class...I'm always afraid (damn that word!) that I will run out of detail before paper. And this is LARGE! It's 42"X51" 140lb coldpress watercolor.I'm starting with a base of acrylic and then who knows what will happen!?! I refuse to plan it, I'm just going to layer until it feels right, I'll keep you up with the progress! Soooo, crazy exciting news! My sister and I are going to VA May 1st to take Jesse Reno's class!!! Whooo whoooo! It'll be my first art class evaahhhh and Jesse Reno is teaching it! I'm crazy excited!!! I also want to start an Intuitive painting class here in my home town, I just have to find the space... Today I started a fan page for HappyTrees Studio on Facebook and I'm going to be having a contest Monday! So get over there and "Like" my page so you can be eligible to win some goodies! Lemme get back to painting, my fingers are orange and blue and it's making me happier than free chocolate and beer!!! xxsmoochxx

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rica said...

exciting! lots of good things going on at HTS :)