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Apr 22, 2011

My Inner Child

  It's taken me until now to be okay with my inner child and to let her out, for a while I had completely forgotten about her! And now she's coming out to play a lot. I never realized how damaged I was, how hurt I was on the inside, how bruised and still wounded, but slowly I'm healing my inner girl-child and I'm doing better for it. I had to start with forgiving the badness and evil in my past. Just let it go. I had no control over it then, and I can't control it now. So why let it rattle around in my head and soul and continue to surprise attack me? I got rid of it. I am getting rid of all the darkness, an ongoing process I'm finding, but it's well worth it. I wake up most days with a smile on my face and a very light heart ready to be creative in everything I do. Journaling, painting, art journaling, yoga and love...and a very supportive group of awesome women, those are my secrets! I wake up, make sure everyone's taken care of or gotten off to school, and then I write my morning pages and do about 30 to 45 mins of yoga- all the while fending off a baby that thinks i'm giving pony rides. Then I play with Bama for a bit until she gets absorbed in her doll house and then I paint, sometimes for thirty minutes. sometimes ten. We play, then I paint...throughout the day. Then around lunchtime we eat then get JC at preschool. We run around for a bit then, snack time and paint time for me. By then my hubby comes home and usually takes everyone with him to get the older ones and I paint a bit more then get ready for work. Of course, this is an ideal day. Most days are filled with laundry, cooking, cleaning etc...but I still make time. Nap time is awesome! Nourishing my soul with art and yoga is making me a better person and mom. And it'll make you better too. Take care of you, you deserve it!

me at 3, being creative!

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