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Sep 2, 2013

Lessons I wish I'd known BEFORE going to Yoga Class.

Yoga has changed me, my life and my outlook on life in so many ways. I love it and try to find my way to my mat everyday. But when I started, there were these misconceptions and falseities about yoga that I wish I'd had someone to talk to about. Maybe this will help you gain the confidence to start your own practice and fall in love with yoga too.

 These are some general 'rules' most people going into yoga don't know or kinda know...

Before your class:

Please, avoid eating.(You will be physically miserable if you do) Light snacks such as juices, fruits or smoothies are great an hour before class.
Wear comfortable attire that does not restrict bodily movements.
Don't dress provocatively or scantily- I don't want to be behind you and be able to see in to you! 
You don't have to have name brand gear. Why spend 100 bux on yoga pants you're going to sweat in? T-shirt, stretch pants- perfect.
Avoid using perfume or scented lotions for some participants may have environmental sensitivities.
Because Yoga is practiced bare foot, please plan to remove your shoes.
Drink plenty of water before and after the class

Upon Entering the Studio:

Plan to arrive 10 or 15 minutes before class.
If you bring a cell phone make sure the ringer is off
If you arrive early, please wait quietly until the previous class ends
Remove your shoes before entering the yoga room
Set up your mat and chill there- do some warm ups or meditate.
Inform your instructor if you have any health concerns or injuries(I usually ask).

Extras I like to add:

Don't let the fact that you're not a size 2 stop you. I'm a healthy girl and I love yoga! Yoga is for EVERYONE.
Try every class you can, and every teacher you can. Just because you like/dislike someones appearance or personality does not mean you will like their class- be open to everything!
BREATHE- synchronized movement and breath should be your goal!
Smile! This is your own personal time, enjoy it!
Chill- no one is judging you, they're too worried about what they look like.
If it doesn't feel good, DON'T DO IT!
Yoga is not a competition sport, you are doing this for you. 
Yoga is not a religion.It's for any and every body. I practice along side people from all different religions, cultures, states, countries- everything. And you don't have to chant or meditate or sing, it's fun, but if it makes you uncomfortable then DON'T DO IT!
You are going to yoga for so many things-health, weight, body image, mental, connection. Whatever the reason, don't let the fact that you may not succeed immediately hold you back! It called a PRACTICE for a reason!

Remember- There is no Yoga Police...no one is going to rush in and tell you you are wrong or make fun of you. If you feel uncomfortable in the class, speak with the instructor afterwards.Communicate! They are there to assist you in your personal place and help you connect with yourself and to have fun! They are not there to be judgmental. I hope this eases your mind about yoga and maybe gets you out and on a mat today!

If you want to see me I teach at On Track Yoga 4 classes a week, and I love to meet new people!

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