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Aug 27, 2013

DIY Doily Lampshades


 I've been buying and collecting doily's for a long time; sure I could crochet them myself, but when I go to the thrift store or to a yard sale and they're .25 It's hard NOT to buy them rather than make them...besides, it's upcycling! So go out in yonder world and return with a whole bunch of beautifully intricate doily's. Most of mine we're round, but some were 'runner' style, long rectangles, and some were obviously practice crochet because they were a bit wonky. Regardless- Your going to be stitching them around a lamp shade which is no perfect circle or square so no worries! I will eventually remove the fabric that's on the metal frame of the shade, but I wanted to make sure the dye worked out and that I had enough doily's before I had a naked lamp chillin' in my living room- I'm doing this on the sly anyway, so I want to destroy the original at the last moment.

 I just sort of eyeballed the amount that I would need- I'll probably overlap them in some areas...

 I then laid down some plastic and sprayed the fabric. I used Tumble Dye by sei in pink and blue. And I also used Color Shine by Heidi Swapp in teal, mustard, chartreuse, and primrose. Color Shine is typically a scrapbook/mixed media type spray- but I figured, ink is ink-right?!?

I also decided while I was at it, that the doily would make an awesome stencil for one of my canvases- so I laid it across the canvas in progress and sprayed away- I think it'll be a cute background element!

My next steps will be to let them dry completely and iron over them to heat set the ink. I'll post about that and how I finished the project on Thursday! Stay tuned!!


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