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Mar 2, 2013

My Reality

 Frida Kahlo has always inspired me. She Lived in a body that fought her, loved a man that fought her, and lived a life that fought her. Yet she pushed on. She created beauty out of chaos and light out of dark. She coaxed music from her pain and placed it upon canvas. She was a rock star.
  One of the things  I like about being an artist is that I have a visual account of my life that will be left behind for all who care to see. My great great great great grandson could look through the art that I leave behind and learn more about me than the passed down stories of family members. To me, that is legacy.

 When I went to school for Yoga, the one thing they stressed the most was MEDITATE. You can't teach Yoga if you don't know yourself. This is something that will always stick with me. even if days go by where I don't hit the mat, I make it an obligation to myself to sit, everyday, twice a day, and meditate. Now, to a lot of folks i've spoken with, they equate meditation with something un-christian...this is silly on so many levels. I'm non-denominational, but I encourage my children to pray before each meal, they go to church and I read bible stories with them. I will never spoon feed religion down their throats, but i will encourage them to seek a spirit within and without themselves, and trust something bigger than themselves. I've been told that "OM' is un-christian and should not be included in my practice for the public!?! Here's the real deal(according to me)
 Jesus himself was said to meditate. It's a time of self reflection.
 OM is said to be the vibrational hum/sound that the earth and Universe make when listened to. When you say Om, you are trying to create the 'Universal"sound, to become one with the Universe and all.
 Meditation- You sit, you breathe, you still your mind...You listen to yourself, make peace with your sub concious, and strengthen your brain on so many levels...how the heck is this bad?!?

 When I meditate, I sit in front of my altar, or Puja table. On it are all of the things that are influencing me right now. I add to and take away all of the time. I like to have the elements present, it makes me feel more grounded, more one with Mother Earth. I sit in a comfortable position on the floor on a cushion and have a blanket under the fleshy part of my booty. If this won't work for you, sit in a chair! This is for you. be comfortable! I light candles, and sing a little, then I set my timer close my eyes and breathe. In and out for an even count. When I feel calm and my crazy monkey mind has slowed, I start to chant my Mantra. Eventually you should choose one, but try out as many as you can till one fills right. A great place to find one is Spirit Voyage, they have a huge list with audio so that you know how to say them. If this is to 'woo woo' for you, recite your favorite parable, or hymn, or just repeat a word- truth, love, peace...etc. I started at 10 minutes twice a day, but now I sit for about 20 minutes twice everyday. do what's right for you. but, the more time you take for yourself, the more you will get out of it. I really do have a better understanding of who I am and how my brain works, as well as my heart and soul. And that helps me in all areas of my life, especially my creative life! 

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