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Feb 28, 2013

Excuses On Top of Excuses

Ok- I've been gone for most of February, and here's why...

Gaston School of the Arts- the day I was finally set to sign my lease, the day of my new career(!) My partner dropped a bomb...she couldnt do her full time job and art classes too. The contract was for us both, not just me. Which made me feel as if...what am I chopped liver? I can do this alone... Which is pure bunk. 4 weeks of paintings all by myself?!? I have trouble with two new images every month! Coming up with my own art for me is no problem. Coming up with an image I can teach and recreate is a huge deal. My brain doesn't want to work that way! So finally today, the director and I spoke and we are going to hold only ONE class a month, whew! And i'm happy to say my partner is kicking ass and taking names at her job! She's super creative and she'll get back to it, in her own time.

Sick- so dang sick off an on I didnt want to move. yucky everywhere, and as soon as one of us was fine the next would get it and we've rolled it around for about three weeks- yucky ick.

Art Journalling- Every coupla months I become re-obsessed with journal work. Work made for me and my enjoyment...I could totally paint the same page everyday over and over, and I would be just as content...but to have BOOKS with my work is AWESOME! I love to put nonsense on toppa nonsense and it turns into art...sometimes not...but usually yes. So awesome! Glue and paper and paint and marker heck yeah!

Wii U- I'm convinced the government has a movement connected to video games to keep us inactive so that we're easier to herd and overtake when the time comes. (just kidding...sorta) Mario is in my head and dreams!

Wind Through the Keyhole Stephen King- The dark Tower series is my all time favorite works of SK, and this may very well be my favorite book out of the series. When I'm not working, cleaning, cooking, teaching (yoga and art) or playing the Wii...I'm nose deep in this marvelous book. He really transforms me to mid-world, a place i'm not all too sure I'd want to live, but I'd visit...roundtrip.

Other than that, I'm just lazy. But i love to blog...and I'll be more frequent, and hopefully more entertaining!

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