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Jan 23, 2013

Overwhelmed and procrastinating


I moved most of my studio back home, out of the downtown spot I was in, and I'm in the process of opening  a new studio tomorrow -at 7. I'm OVERWHELMED. So what do I do? Brew a cup of coffee and get online. Every now and then I glance up at this horrific challenge  and decide where something else is gonna go, and how I 'm going to get it there , but mostly, I want to ignore it.

 I don't mind hard work- at all, but getting started is a pain in my ass. And I know this is most everyone elses ass pain. So I'm challenging myself to figure out a solution to my humongous problem...

1. Section everything out- books, supplies, cloth etc.
2. Small piles- once a pile gets big, deal with it- if it's larger than a laundry basket, deal with it! Immediately!
3.Trash/donate- Do I really need 7 tubes of the same color paint? 2 copies of the same book? a whole box of sequin waste? Luckily, the Kidney Foundation will stop by the next business day and take anything I want to donate off my hands.
4. Organize- Find a home for everything, put it back in it's home when you're finished with it- as soon as you're finished with it.

Ok- I'm throwing down the gauntlet and excepting the challenge- wish me luck! I want to have at least half of this finished by dinner time. If you have any added tips or hints, please leave them for me in the comments section...I'll post pics tonight or in the morning of my progress!

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Stephanie said...

Good Luck! My biggest obstacle in situations like this is distraction at what I find...I start reading at random (A book, a poem, a note) or decide now is the time to research something, etc.

I stay on track by recognizing this and keeping a pile for later as a reward...in other words, read the poem/book/poem after I organize another section, pack 5 boxes, clean off a bookshelf, etc. Also just turning on some high energy music helps me too...Pandora is great for this for me. Again, good luck! :)