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Nov 25, 2012

Tutorial- Dream Catcher

Scraped Paint and Old Hoops!

Acrylic Painted Hoops!

Painty Feathers

(This was totally just a whim-)
I was feeling so puny today I decided to make something uplifting.
First, I took the inside of an embroidery hoop and painted it. 
I then scraped paint on watercolor paper and cut feathers out of it and decorated them with little designs in sharpie.
After the hoop dried, I wrapped hemp around the outer edge of the hoop and made loops...tightening the string as I got closer and closer to the center. I really kind of winged it- but i'm sure there are plenty of tutorials online!
I then took all the ribbon I could and knotted it around the bottom of the hoop.
Added feathers and- Wah Lah!! 

A Dream Catcher!!!

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