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Nov 23, 2012

Let Your Soul Ring True

 It's so easy to...
get caught up in competition
care too much what others think
scan online and 'wish' you could do that
spend more time on the computer than creating
Spend all of your time thinking up ideas not making
be terrified of rejection
think you are not good enough
second guess yourself

Here is what I've decided.

No one in this whole ding dang world is you. NO ONE thinks like you or shares your soul. If you have the same idea as someone and you put it out there it will still radiate of you, in the best way possible. Your artistic thumbprint will be all over it- your energy vibrating off of it. It's a piece of you! Sometimes I see someone else's work that kinda resembles mine, we were obviously working off the same creative universal wave length- no biggie, it happens.

( I am in no way saying it's cool to rip people off, in fact- ewww you lazy jerkface if you can't come up with your own ideas- the universe is huge and creative energy is everywhere- don't be a thief- or an ass)

Dang-i'm rambling...what I'm trying to say is you need to create. No matter what you think others will think or say about your piece. You need to create for YOU. Not for money, or status or peer accolades. FOR YOU.  The reason the Universe gave us creative ability is so we can express ourselves in a way that is visual and beautiful to us. The thing is, what's beautiful to us may not be beautiful to someone else, it may be crap. But who cares??? Did you feel good making it? Do you love it? Then everyone else can bugger off!

The more love and soul you put into each piece you create, it will show. Someone will notice that a certain piece you are creating speaks to them for some reason, and they will want it. Your job as an artist, is not to worry about that. Don't worry where the money will come from. CREATE from the heart and the Universe will take care of the rest...I promise. Quit worrying and wasting all of your precious energy on anything worrisome- CREATE from your heart and all will be okay.
Let your soul ring true.


crystalogormanwrites said...

I so needed to read this! Thank you :)

crystalogormanwrites said...

I so needed to read this! Thank you :)

crystalogormanwrites said...
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