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Nov 29, 2012

My Ladies of Blue

Acrylic and pencil on 98lb paper

This is one of my journal pages. I've been working in the journal more than on canvas, but I want to make Prints of this for my Etsy Shop. I have really been on an artistic roll, I think it's because of the early darkness of winter a'comin'.

 My Husbands birthday was to day and he took the kids to participate in a parade and LET ME stay home and paint...YAHOO! I got a lot done, and I always do, thanks to one of the most amazing and beautiful men that has ever existed.

My hubby of 10 years!

He's a super talented musician and artist- you should check him out!
The Menders are his latest band- that is their Facebook page, really cool bluegrass/blues/soul music...you'll want to dance your booty off!
I'm off to paint and love up the moon- enjoy yourselves, and make something!

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Stephanie said...

Your Ladies of Blue are stunning!