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Nov 5, 2012

Great Globs of Glitter and Goals

 I'm listing my goals and checking them twice...sound great? NO! It sucks! Not holiday goals...To Do goals. I had a REVELATION of  REMARKABILITY today- it hit me like a bolt of lightening on the way home from dropping the bubbas off at school. Money- the thorn in my side...like running through mud, my finances have been sluggish and sad. I have literally sat in the bathroom floor and cried about lack of cash and how I'd keep the lights on.
BUT TODAY(!) I know how to change it!

Money = Energy (good or bad)
Positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative

 I've always been surrounded by unhealthy money thoughts- I've always said "I hate money" or "I don't need money" or, " I'm an artist, I don't think that way."
 Well guess what? Hells yeah I need money-at least for my necessities! I mean, heat aint free!
And all this time I've been telling the Universe " I don't need money" and all this time the Universe has been like, "Uh, okay dumbass- let's see how long this can last"

Well I'm DONE.

I need money! We all do! Until my dream of trade and barter comes true, I have to pay the bills.
So...here's what I'm doing starting RIGHT NOW-
NO MORE Procrastination, no more of the word Later in my vocabulary...no more energy drains...
#1 energy drain- the computer
#2 energy drain- the TV
#3 energy drain- the couch
#4 energy drain- excuses
 I love to make and make but if I sit on the couch or computer I will never get back up! and even though my art supplies are right there, I never reach for them!
#1 Money Drain- negativity towards money
#2 Money Drain- frivolous spending ( Starbucks? new journals? The same shade of Golden paint?)
#3 Money Drain- NO PLAN
#4 Money Drain- excuses
So I'm creating (TODAY) a plan, for cash coming in, how much I need to survive, what will be leftover, how I can create more, and savings. Every receipt will be saved, and I created a daily journal ( i already had it, sheesh) of every penny spent. THIS PLAN WILL WORK-
I'm calling it Goals of Glitter because a.) I put glitter on the cover:) and b.) It makes my eyes glitter in the light making a HUGE leap towards financial freedom! I will post a weekly update of my progress and we can cheer together!!!

I am creating my financial freedom!!! Today!!

love love love

Oh yeah...

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Stephanie said...

Thinking of you and wishing you clarity in creating your plan and joy in creating your art...you are strong and amazing!