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Nov 9, 2012

Fight Fear in the Face

Fear is an emotion induced by a perceived threat that causes animals to move quickly away from the location of the perceived threat, and sometimes hide.

                                                 Take a  chance!        Try Something new!!
                                                                  Spoil Yourself!

Fear is not REAL! It's just an idea, a WHAT IF. If you don't try you'll never grow or achieve anything! I've found, the easiest way to conquer your fears is to FIGHT IT IN THE FACE. What I mean by this is... you scared of public speaking??? Sing Karaoke! The applause will give you strength and open your eyes to your real power. Don't ever let fear keep you from trying anything...
I have a client who was facing trouble if they didn't put themselves out there and do a few things out of their comfort zone. It took me calling them and harassing them (and finally realizing that they were mortified of being seen as 'not cool'.) every day to finally get them to do their work and stay out of trouble. The fear was literally paralyzing them! And that fear was another's perception...how silly! Others opinions of you make no difference on your real and true life. To think otherwise is unrealistic. 
Whats really going to happen if you face your fear? Will you be turned away? Will you get emotionally hurt? Embarrassed? Those are IDEAS, not realities. You can grow and get over anything. I would rather be told no, than to resent the fact that I never attempted to TRY.
Try these badass fear fighting cures-
Speak your truth
Follow your heart
Skinny Dip
Go on a solo date
Cut your hair
Sing out loud
Dance like no ones watching
Admit your mistakes

Risk takers always seem to be having fun...guess why? They are! YOU control your destiny, The Universe gives you what you need, but also, what you ASK for. Start by reaching just beyond your comfort zone. Then inch your way into full on bliss!

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