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Jun 1, 2012


 I've finally realized that my gypsy days need to be over. That my roots are starting to form tight knots and furls underneath the grass and embedding themselves so deeply into the soil that they'll be no easy moving. I fought that for so long...thinking I'm going to be better here or there...but I'm best in ME and now that I'm finally coming to understand that I think it's time to work on my environment...my surroundings. I've really been given some amazing advice by my friend Rachel and I've decided to listen with all of me, not just my ears. I'm going to ACCEPT my surroundings and path, and TRUST that the Universe is taking care of me. I've always believed that, but there's been a tiny kernel of doubt lingering somewhere just near the back of my brain. That 'logic' part that tries not to trust or believe in anything...I've given in fully to faith and trust and thrown away all doubt. EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT! The path that forms ahead of me as each day develops is the right path for me, I know this because I'm only making decisions that feel right to me that are good for me and that I want to do. This is not a selfish way of thinking, it's just understanding that if I'm good and happy, I'll try to create that in everyone around me and hopefully the joy will shrug off me like glitter, and stick to every surface! This self-realization journey is by no means over, and I fully understand that it's a practice...like my art and meditation and yoga...I will always learn something new, and making adjustments for comfort are always allowed.


Ahavati said...

Beautiful, Ana! I'm so proud of you and knew you would reach this point when the time was right. I know New York has been in your heart. God, The Universe, The Great Spirit, or whatever people want to refer to it as, places those in our lives for such a purpose. Many times they don't even realize they are being used in such a divine way. It's that one phrase, one word, one sentence which serves as a match to our inner candle of awareness, thus illuminating the dark with knowledge. I thank God Rachel has been placed into your life for such a purpose that you come to know such things.

Watching the universe weave throughout others makes me smile for myself, and hope for all else.

Love Tam

freckletree. said...

Hiya pretty mama. Love this post, it sounds like you are in such a great place in your head and your heart. It's funny, I am beginning to realize that I need to stop fighting that I have to stay in one place and that I need to become a gypsy. At any rate, we are striving for the same thing: peace, happiness, contentment . . . one day we will drink a beer together . . . one day my friend. You're awesome.