HappyTrees Studio

May 10, 2012

Make and Take

Our very first Mad Hatter Make and Take was ahhhhmazzing! We laughed, stayed positive, and painted in a way we didn't even realize we could!. I haven't painted a realistic painting in forever, and it felt so good to follow some rules and step out of my own deconstructed box to do something new. We started out with a little explanation of the class and then we went into the background, which I painted. After I instructed everyone on the in's and out of achieving texture and creating a vignette  we moved on to the actual flower. And it was so fun! Rachel is such a great teacher, and her explanation of color and how to push and pull the canvas was super informative and helpful. She really taught us all a lesson that we will be able to carry into all of our painting adventures! I'm so psyched to be able to teach these workshops every week, and I'm truly blessed to have such an amazing partner like Rachel. Life is GOOD!

(pics to come in a bit, my computers being an ass)

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