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May 13, 2012


 My mother is amazing. She figures out what she wants, and then goes after it. Not to mention she's helped me out of some pretty sticky situations quite a few times. And she babysits for me! Let's here it for free childcare! My children are awesome, they are smart, well mannered, loving, caring...everything I was not as a child. Or even a young adult. But somehow...my mothers teachings always echo through me like an extra conscience, reminding me to get back on path, that along with my intuition(and learning to listen to it) is what has kept me alive for 36 years!

 My mom and her mom and moms before her all through our ancestry have always been friends of the earth, adept at healing and herbal-ism. With such strong earthly ties, we have also been very in tune with ourselves. The reason our intuition fails us is because we shush it, or ignore it, or alter it with substances. It IS scary sometimes to hear communications, or have that sicky feeling that somethings about to happen, or just instinctively know what is right and wrong. but drowning it in alcohol, or 'managing' it with pharmaceuticals is the wrong way to deal with it. I have found that meditation,stream of conscious writing, and soul painting is the best way to control yourself in all aspects of life. When I meditate I soothe the quakes in my mind. When  I write, I empty out all of the extra useless junk rattling around in my head and subconscious, and when I paint...I reveal my inner most loves and thoughts through color and movement. These three things have had such a positive and soothing influence on my life that my intuition (that I have tried to totally squelch in the past), is strong and in line with my soul.

 I'm coming up with an e-book that reveals all of the steps that I used and continue to use to improve my health, life, and mentality. I'm so happy that sometimes I want to scream from the front porch(and sometimes do!) I"M HAPPY. I want to share this with everyone that I meet, but sometimes I feel like I come across being soapboxy or something. So I'll let you come to me. Please sign up for my email list so that youn can receive inbox lovin and treats for your soul!

Happy Mothers Day!


MulticoloredPieces said...

Dear Happy Trees, I think you expressed it well about what moms do. And your class with Rachel sounds like it was so much fun. Glad to hear that you're reaching your stride!
best, nadia

jackie dunford said...

What a soulful message that really spoke to me! I am trying to get in tune better with Mother Nature, she doesn't get the respect she deserves. I look forward to more of your messages.