HappyTrees Studio

May 29, 2012

Dream Clouds

I have an amazing idea that I hope to get off the ground. I want to build an Arts/Yoga/Creative Coaching/Meditation/Encouragement center in Gastonia NC.My DREAM! is to help others realize their power and true self. To teach that EVERYONE is an artist and EVERYONE can be happy and loving. I want to create a local community of people to help me make this dream come true. I would love eventually being able to travel and spread the word everywhere. But for now I'm going to start here.
 I signed up for Chase and LivingSocial are giving away grants for small businesses that they deem worthy. The first step to get started is to get 250 people to vote for your small business. I have 32 days to get 250 votes. I would love this financial help...it would really open some eyes and minds in an area that needs it right now. My state needs cultural expansion to help it understand anyone else's point of view, and I want to help start a Creative Uprising. Please go to Mission: Small Business and sign in with your facebook or email address and vote for HappyTrees studio! You would really be helping out a community that NEEDS it!

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