HappyTrees Studio

Apr 4, 2012

So- I'm an artist. But because I have no assistant, and I'm crazy brained (aka- scatterbrained, loopy) I have to bartend to supplement my income. If I had my way I would only paint and make each and every day to make my heart and soul full of love! But, try as I might, I can't feed the kids love;)

 I'm in the process of totally re-organizing my work/life schedule so that I have STRUCTURE. And more time to create, and hang with my babies( the reason I'm alive). That being said, as much as I love to make others happy, I HAVE to take care of me and my family first. I cannot not give my art, self, or time away for free. I donate as much as physically and financially possible, but it's almost to the detriment of my family. Therefore, I'm having to draw a line.


^ thats it dammit^

I will be happy to help in any way possible, and to offer all of the support I can, however...if it causes me suffering in any way, I will have to say no. Please do not take anything I say personally, just be happy for me that I'm starting to stand up for myself in all areas of my life.

I love y'all, but I gotta LOVE me more...


JB said...

Can I get a "Hell Yeah!"

Rachel M Cotton said...

Love it!! You do it, girlfriend. Draw that line!