HappyTrees Studio

Mar 27, 2012

March has been kicking my booty!

I have been so crazy busy this March- but no complaints!!! For the most part everything has been amazing! So many doors have been opening for me, the ones that aren't opening I've been on the threshold demanding to be let in!

I moved into my new studio and I LOVE it!!!
I start my YTT classes Friday- one weekend a month till December.
I'm booking bands for my night job and getting all of the PR work
Three kids have been sick off an on all month and two girly birthdays-

So my plate has been crazy full and I hope it continues to overfill! I'm working as hard as I can everyday to insure that I create the life I want for my children and I.

I wish the best for all of you as well!


Karen Banker said...

Thank you for listing my art website on your blog. Very appreciated! Best of luck to you in your pursuits. Stay true to yourself and all will fall into place. Take care, Karen Banker

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your studio space and teaching!!:)