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Nov 3, 2011

New Journey

Feminine Magic,
Invisibility, Shape-shifter,
Protector at the Edge of the Unconscious.

According to Ted Andrews, Fox symbolizes the feminine magic of camouflage and shape-shifting. These have to do with the energies of the aura and the Second Great Magical Law. Fox lives in the border places around us: in the instants between evening and night, between nighttime and dawn, in the auric energies around our bodies, and in the spaces between waking consciousness and deep sleep.

Amazing.  I did my first Journey tonight, ( I'm in Pixie Campbell's SouLodge) and the very last thing I see, before coming up, is a red fox...telling me to "Be Safe". I've never looked into the fox before, but everything that I've read and found is making sooo much sense.  I'm absolutely giddy right now!

I hope you all journey safely into your next endeavor... but make a move! The time is now to begin to be YOU!

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