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Nov 14, 2011

My First Medicine Wheel

I cleared out the leaves, and the kids and I gathered 36 stones to create this beautiful medicine wheel. I followed Sun Bears instructions in the book Dancing With the Wheel. After I smudged, cleansed, prayed as I placed my stones and then gave an offering of cornmeal, i sat. And Listened. And FELT. Energy, warmth, peace, love, truth, safety...all of these emotions cocooned me so tightly I didn't want to move or leave. I have found my truth in the South and I am releasing...to become whole. As I read today I found out my stone is 22, the Raven, that's my birth month, and weird, because I've always been afraid of Ravens. Maybe the fear is of becoming true and real. So I will begin to embrace my fear and enjoy my truths and reflect on all.

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Tracie said...

You are awesome <3