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Nov 12, 2011

It's not the FIRE it's the Burn

I'm journeying in the South this week with Pixie Cambell and my SouLodge Sisters, and I feel like my creative fire is burning brightly. I'm not afraid to get into the fire, burning warm and deep, enjoying the excitement of the Muse. I'm afraid of the judgement that comes after. I create daily, I just hate the idea of someone looking at my soul and turning it down. It's ME, the real me, all of my trueness and realness that you are criticizing  and disliking. Non-attachment is one of those things that I try to practice in so many ways and so many times, but something isn't clicking all the way. What do you do to un-attach yourself from your work? I need tips!


SpandexSplinters said...

It is so difficult to not be affected by other people's criticism. Be true to your self and what you are doing.

Tams said...

You will never be able to unattach yourself 100% from your art. Ever. It's a creation that flowed through you to exist. You brought something into this world that will connect on a deep level with some; and not at all with others. Just as personalities don't always mesh, so does art not always connect.

What can and does happen is that over time you will be less emotionally attached to your art, and more objective. This can be compared to any given moment in time which produces a strong emotion such as joy or anger. It's virtually impossible to be objective in that moment. All you feel or see is joy and/or anger. However, once that moment has passed, you see things in a completely different light. And, many times in a different way altogether, i.e. - "I can't believe I got so angry over that!" etc.

To be accepted for who you are and what you produce means accepting others for who they are and how they react. Strange, I know, but true. They see the world as they are; not as you are. No two people see the world the same; however, they can share a vision or feeling.
And, just like any poet, musician, or artist, it's THAT magic connection which reminds you that you aren't alone here because there's something so much greater beyond all of this.

crystalogormanwrites said...

You cannot remain unattached from your work when you're an artist, but you can keep from attaching to the negativity in others.

And you can also accept the fact the all people are different and some people will just not be in a place in their lives where they can understand yours as it's displayed on canvas.

And that's okay too.