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May 4, 2011

Freedom To Create

I've been in painting heaven since I got home Monday night! Jesse Reno is one of the greatest storytellers evahhhh! His enthusiasm was extremely contagious and even a little intimidating! Being a loud mouthed storytelling entertaining shnook myself I was quiet and mouse like listening to him. If we had told our stories in the same room we probably would have had everyone bouncing off the walls! My paintings are nowhere near being finished but the techniques he taught are already being infused into my work and I'm making it mine. This guys lessons and "rules" were so on point I can't believe I didn't come up with them! 

1. Have fun, if it aint fun, why the hell are you doing it?           
2. If you get stuck, create a problem, it gets your brain working to figure out a solution, and when you finish you see the painting as a whole again. 
3. If theres too much going on, figure out what you like and cover the rest. Close it off.

I really wish I could take one of his 3 or 5 day classes, there was so much more I could have learned, just not enough time. If you get the chance, go by his website and look at his schedule. If you can take a workshop DO IT! You will learn so much and it will open you up creatively. It was exactly the way I  been taking my intuitive art and it gave me that boost of energy that I needed!

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rachel awes said...

your photos of him are
how exciting!
happy painting, dear one!