HappyTrees Studio

Feb 3, 2011

Who me, scared? Nah....

                                            Acrylic and mixed media 8X10

 Whoo who! This was our first assignment for the Get Your Paint On class that I'm taking. I've admired Mati Rose and Lisa Congdon's art work for a while and when I found out they were teaching a painting class I almost peed my pants!! I've never taken an art class and I've really just been trying to get serious about this for the past year. I think I finally realized that this is when I'm the happiest- painting sketching and creating! So maybe i should learn some different techniques so I don't get stuck in a box. I'm pretty pleased with the way this turned out...I've been very attracted to geometric shapes for a while now but this was first real attempt. The inspiration was Gee's Bend Quilts and they are amazing! I can't wait to start next weeks assignment!


Nikki said...

Oh, I love this!

Leililaloo said...

I love it! It is very inspiring, YOU GO GIRL!!!